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Sunday, December 21, 2008

meth... good or bad? You judge

I'm a little confused is this ad supposed be for or against meth?

my easily amused son

dbob 2

I wish i was half as cool or amused by things like my son is with a blanket
Whats are the pro's and cons of being a woman? Lets start with the cons.n 1 you nag. 2 you whine. 3 you bitch. 4 your crotch bleeds. 5 Everything is cute. 6 You like stupid small dogs. 7 You have the attention span of a raccoon(Is that something shiney!?) 8 You act like catty bitches to each other. 9 You have no sense of pride that a man would be caught dead with. 10. Paris hilton is part of your sex not mine
Now the pros. 1 You have a vagina i like vagina's. As a matter of fact i would like to eat one right now.

Thank you

I would like to thank everyone that's helped me out and let you all know it's much appreciated but there is still things that need to get done. Please rss feed this site, and follow this site. Any other bloggers feel free to add me and i will add you back in return. Again thanks a bunch


You ever wait till you can't stand the smell of yourself before you shower? It starts at the armpits smelling ripe and your hair being greasy and itchy. I've never let if get beyond this point. Can anyone tell me what the next steps are?

The sweet breakdancing black ranger video evidence.