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Monday, December 22, 2008

you be the judge

Is it just me or does this band sound like eric clapton and elevator muzak fucked and had this bastard? Is it just me or is this stuff just good enough to really quickly become annoying or is it good? I'm up in the air, you be the judge i guess.

on heroine weed and beer

You ever notice that the first argument a pot head says on legalization is whens the last time a stoner hit his significant other? Well whens the last time a heroine junkie hit his significant other? But jay junkies dont have S/o's... Who gives a shit i just want to beat a homeless guy.

use this product

Just in case your like everybody else on the planet and wondered what Jim Henson did before the muppets struck it big, I have your answer and video evidence that it's better to a coffee drinking muppet then a shot in the face muppet but i digress. Heres the video