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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Moustache, I envy you

I know the ADD is kicking in but I have to wonder AM I the only 23 male on fucking earth that can't grow out a stache? Seriously. What the fuck? Every time I try I end up looking like a pedophile or a pubescent mexican boy. I have enough testosterone for 3 guys yet when I try and prove my manliness once and for all i get is a moloustache? Fucking bullshit.


I have so much bullshit and stress in my life at the moment that I am going to do what Jason does in these types of situations. I am going to get fucking wasted. I don't mean have a couple of drinks and relax, oh no I mean like laying on the floor hurling insults while giggling and bitching that the fast food is gone. I think I've earned it, and well quite frankly if you disagree I could give a rats ass less. Go go gadget mexican night bring on the tequila sunrise's, taco bell, and hot sauce oh my. Better stock up on toilet paper and tylenol todays gonna be a long one bitches.