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Monday, February 14, 2011

So I just found last Saturday I have a two year old daughter that was born on Christmas of 2009. I am more scared than anything, I don't want my little girl growing up to be a whore like her mother but thankfully she has two brothers that both get in trouble for fighting at school. Thank god for small favors. I'm waiting to here if im eligble for SSI so lets see how that goes. I'm in theory seeing a girl but I can't manage to keep my dick in my pants while shes away. Hopefully that don't become a trend in this relationship. Whatever I told her long distance dont work for me. We need to get a place and our problems in check and everything should be fine. I just feel bad asking her to help me raise two kids that aren't hers. Whatever I've got better things to do like drink this beer instead of staring at it.