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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hey you, give me my life back

Odd, tumultuous, shaky, hostile. These are the words that best describe every relationship I have with a VAG at the moment. I love how for the past few years it seems I've been every girl I dated little fix it project. Now all the sudden holy shit he's matured? Can hide the chip on his shoulder? Is compassionate? What the fuck happened? Here's the kicker nothing at all has changed. Not one iota, unless you count hair starting to pop up in odd(er) spots. I didn't mature. Maturing is for fucking mutual funds not this manimal. The only difference between now and then is I became now say it with me kids. Learn it love it use it . There is no Morocco, there is no me coming back to the UP, there is no more wondering "what if". Like I said the other night the biggest fuck you I can possibly give to an ex is to show how awesome of a person I became in the mean time and it was your loss not mine.