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Friday, January 30, 2009


Sometimes the best emotion is nothing at all. Apathy and indifference have become a big part of my life again and its not neccessarily bad anymore. Sometimes you gotta realize that you just can't save everyone and to be blunt not all people are worth saving even. Don't get me wrong I would give the shirt off my back to someone that NEEDED it but, to hear about more of my old friends getting caught up in speed and booze back home just kind of makes me sick. That place is fucking purgatory there is nothing more than a vast whiteness with no beginning and no end. Until you escape it you most likely are going to die there with some form of a substance abuse habit. Shit even if you leave and the evil power that radiates from that place pulls you back and least you can die a proud junkie knowing that at least you tried to fight your way out of it. Sometimes eminem just sums it up best
To all the weed that I've smoked,
Yo this blunt's for you.
To all the people I've offended,
Yeah fuck you too.
To all the friends I use to have,
I miss my past
But the rest of you assholes can kiss my ass.
For all the drugs that I've done,
Yo I'm still gonna do.
To all the people I've offended,
Ya fuck you too.
Every time I reminisce,
Yo I miss my past.
But I still don't give a fuck,
Y'all can kiss my ass!

still fighting the good fight

Why is it so hard for some people to accept that they're white? I bet you just lay in bed at night knowing that you would've been the next big rap star if only you weren't melanin challenged. Seriously since when is it cool to try and act like something your not? You don't see me running around in black face talkin bout reppin my hood, dog. Do you? Know why? A long list of reasons why but the main one being I accept and fuck even embrace my whiteness. If I run around and make horns with my fingers and poke you does that make me a bull? No it makes me a jackass. Take note wigger no matter how much you think you can relate with biggie you grew up in a white as fuck rural town. The fake ghetto accent is like a wonderful boones farm wine it's only getting better with age(and by getting better means I die on the inside a little when I have to claim being the same race while simultaneously laughing.)