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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

through the painters brush

I know my postings have been weird and haphazard lately so why stop what works? Anyone that's been around lately has heard me rambling on about people assuming that everyone has the same knowledge base and that because of that you inherently assume that everyone assumes that their opinions are right and that because of this inherent logic that the world is in sync with your opinion. Well heres your news for the day QUIT BEING SO FUCKING SELF ABSORBED. Da Vinci and Michelangelo were both fond of saying ogni pittore dipinge se, that "every painter portrays himself." Think about it, think some more then quit doing it. To see what I'm getting at without the angry ramblings look here

coming out of my cage and I'm doing just fine

Sometimes it just clicks when its all said and done everything just fell into place just the way that it should've and all it took was turning your back to it. Isn't it funny how sometimes the best solution is to just turn your back and be like fuck this let whatever come may? I've noticed something that has profoundly affected my life lately, beside the obvious I'm always gonna be crazy shit, did you ever notice that people have such a fucked up view of emotional pain? You can hurt some now or you can put it off knowing that later on you are going to get hurt worse because you didn't let it go when you should have? Once I finally started to really grasp that I got a way better understanding of who I am, What I want, and where I want to go. Beyond that I've been thinking lately what an odd collection of music I've been listening to while I wait for my knee to unfuck it self and how there seems to be a very odd eclectic sound track going on in the back of my over fired brain. Seriously just try and grasp the mind that is listening to him join me in death , going to merril bainbridge mouth, to becks sexx laws, to the frays look after you, to TI's live your life, to johnny cashes version of hurt, guns and roses patience, to mendecino county line by willie nelson and to finish it off bother by stonesour. Just listen to them in that order maybe that will give you some insight into an overactive bipolar brain, just maybe.