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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Why I love/hate my job Thursday edition

So just to impress my bosses and because I'm a glutton for punishment, and because they didn't really trust anyone else to do it safely/ dumb enough to dig a trench around 120 volt power lines I ended up doing it/supervising it today at work. As it was getting done I gave my shovel and attempted to convince the assistant supervisor to finish so I could take a break and still know it would get finished, he replies with "I spent my time on a shovel its time for you young'ens to earn your stripes". I took it all in looked at the sixty some odd feet of ditch over three feet three deep through clay and rock and replied with "spent your time on the end of shovel huh? Just like that, leaning on it I bet" to which he replies through lots of chuckling "Jay your a dick". Guilty as charged. On a semi unrelated note it just boggles my mind that kids my age up to forty don't know how to pour concrete, use an electric line finder, lay drainage line, basic carpentry, using a chainsaw, bare basic small engine repairs, and a whole other assortment of shit that I have had to show people on the course. There is a whole generation of pussy's (my generation unfortunately) that has no idea how to be a man much less a handyman. It just disgusts me that I have to be lumped in with all these mouth breathers.