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Thursday, February 19, 2009

The story of the hurricane

You can claim that you don't want something that it isn't all that important to you anymore but when your finally within grasp (again) sometimes you quit gotta thinking about whats the right thing, wrong thing, the good thing. Who the fuck cares when your idea of normalcy is totally blown and you see something that will make you happy for the moment is right there beckoning you with their siren's touch sometimes you just gotta quit playing the game. Who the fuck cares if you know it doesn't really mean what you want it to for either of you? What the fuck is a bunch of talk gonna get you anyways(hooray delusions)? When at the end of the day you really think that anyone can just james frey you the fuck out of existance what is there left to fight? Feeling like a total fraud isn't that far fetched when the last 1230 and million hours of your life feels like it was set by some one elses tivo and it just clicked back, forward, skip commercials. I still care, probably too much but I still do for sure. blah blah I'm a pawn hes a pawn in your game I get it I can dig that, but when I feel like your a fucking joker in my deck for 21 its not so cool anymore. So kudos to you bringer of pain, you fooled me. I'm a big emo pussy that is finally starting to figure out what makes me be. Thank you for coming in and shitting all over that. I'm really starting to think the three dirtiest words a man can utter isn't "I love you" Oh no fuck that the three that will get you in far bigger trouble is "I still care". And p.s. G.I. Joe was a fraud its not "now you know and knowing is half the battle" oh no, it's more like "Congratufuckinglations you know better and you still get trapped by everything you swore off, retard". God bless my red neck parents. Seriously. After typing that I got the lyrics to a wonderful country song stuck in my head, "Everything I love is killing me, cigarettes, jack daniels, and caffiene." I know your no fucking good for me and we both know better so what the fuck is this? If you came in this door I would beat the living the shit out you, then cuddle, then fuck. Who the fuck thinks like this?