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Sunday, March 1, 2009

To hell and back, ramblings of an indignant egomanical prick

So its March all ready which means 4 more lease payments and the ongoing task of finding somewhere that I feel like I belong. I've started to realize that I make things way more difficult then they have to be so when I get back to the starting point I feel like I really accomplished something. The thought of just getting a map a blindfold and dart and just saying fuck it sound so appealing, last time I checked there is work for an overly intelligent asshole throughout the country. I can finally say with certainty that you can't run from yourself or your past but I'm just glad I got a head start on my shit bag cousins that try and bring me back into "the game". What part of I would love to but some shithead kid calls me dad is so hard to comprehend? Tired of rambling for the night. I go left, you go right, now leave me the fuck alone? Got it? Now do it.

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