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Monday, April 20, 2009


I got called a pretty boy at work. Apparently my new vigor for manscaping is being noticed? I guess it's better then the other day when I was referred to as "el blanca diablo" translating out to "the white devil". I guess if you combine the two it means im an asshole with a short temper that is getting too meticulous with his grooming? Whatever if I could I would grow out a sweet fucking grizzly adams beard but alas I cant grow out a moustache that doesnt look like it belongs on a prepubscent mexican boy. Tiredness bordering on delirium going from god knows when I actually fall asleep till five a.m. sharp is taking its toll. I think im gonna try and get a second job and a meth habit and when the the meth starts costing more then the second job figure out another way, I need money.

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