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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My legacy my curse get the bail money ready, I aint joking

So I've been thinking all day after watching clips of Geraldo or it may have been his moustache actually doing the talking but he actually equated a bunch of people protesting for the 9/11 truth movement to a bunch of "homosexuals that want to solicit sex in bathrooms". Believe what you want about 9/11 I'm not even here to argue that but for some reason he sent me off on a rant today about what I can do to make my mark on the world and I figured it out. I'm going to punch any celebrity that is deemed a douche. So if this comes to fruition here's a list of people that will be cold cocked if I ever see you in person. (It will probably end up making you soul sucking scum fucks more famous but it will let me sleep in good conscience knowing I did what so many people want to do!) So getting back to the task at hand here's a quick list off the top of my head that if I get the chance WILL be ASSAULTED VIOLENTLY WITH OUT REMORSE.
1. Geraldo Rivera
2. Kid rock
3. Brett Michaels
4. Carson Daly
5. Jay Leno
6. Any reality TV star minus Mike Rowe and Les Stroud that I actually recognize(I'm gunning for you, VH1 parasites)
7. Kanye West(The voice of who's generation you egomanical sucker of Satan's cock?)
8. Tom Cruise
9. 3 doors down (all of em. Seriously.)
10. Akon
11. Brody jenner( Seriously he gets special attention and I will rip off his dick and make him choke on it.)
12. Any Hilton
13. Any Kardashian(Why are you whores famous? Because daddy's rich?)
That's all I can do right now with out getting too angry about this. I'm dead serious if people agree to bail me out whenever I get a chance to pop one of these fuckers I'd start tomorrow, along with posting my charges I will also write up a hotel style review of each jail that I end up in over this, and of course you get to claim association with the crazy asshole that finally just starting doing it. Here's to assault charges and trying to break the cycle of shit we are fed every day.

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