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Friday, February 13, 2009

So I lean a little to the left

Is everyone that works for the government retarded and pompous? Seriously, is it a fucking pre rec to get in? Keep printing that money keep throwing on top an all ready weak house of cards known as our economy. What the fuck when you throw fake money at a broke system what is that going to fix? When I was a kid I can remember multiple times dogs getting shot by my dad when they outlived their purpose or had bad injuries. You may find that cruel and fucked up, I call it life. Throwing money at an UN FIXABLE problem infuckingfuriates me. How many billions are we up to trying to revive dead shit? What did the banking cartels get, the auto industry, now this infrastructure shit? If you can't fix something the solution is to let it fucking die or take it out back and shoot it and tell the kids it must've ran away. This is akin to a giant fucking asteroid flying at earth and saying well lets shoot it with some BB guns that will surely fix it. I don't talk about my political beliefs on here for good reason. The state of shit is so fucked and yes I have taken business classes, econ classes, a business law class so I'm not some crazy redneck with no understanding of this(OK well the redneck part is true, but I'm an intelligent prideful one). OK look at it this way trying to fix this shit with money is akin to deciding your house is too hot and leaving the freezer door open instead of turning on the ac. I've seen more intelligent things come out an autistic drunk kids mouth's then anything I've heard about this package.

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