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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

So yeah

I am going back to my hometown in a couple of days and I am kind of hesitant as usual about it. The place just stagnates never moves forward, or backwards it just is. I inevitably will run in to at least 4 girls that I have fucked and depending on my mood, inebriation level, etc will probably fuck again. For all the downsides and as much as I hate that place I actually like who I've become even if others don't agree with it, and I have that place and the friends I made up there to thank for that. It's so weird I see my son growing so fast every time I see him and and I see most of my classmates and old friends that stayed there with kids all around the same age and I have to ask myself is this the way its always been here or is it just coincidence? Damn it baby's momma get the fuck out of there so I don't have to go back except for more funeral that WILL happen as people continue to drink and drug their way into oblivion. Something doesn't feel right about being so serious about shit lately. Shit, fuck, midget sodomy. There now I feel better. Every one has heard about buyers remorse the more I think about it I have a few case of fuckers remorse.

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