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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

30 packs of keystone light and 3 channels on a clear day. Insights on my weirdness

Me and the room mate got in a conversation the other day about people never really connect the dots about the way they ended up. Now granted the following can only account for so much but anyways back on point. When I was a little ass kid maybe 6 or 7 my parents decided that the best thing to do was to buy a camp and go out there along with my older sister(the younger one had yet to be thought of) and watch my parents drink themselves into a fight every weekend and sometimes starting on Thursday night if we were lucky. As funny as that is that is just background. Now here's the funny part amidst a shit storm that was my adolescence came a voracious appetite for reading. Where did that come from you ask? Well that winter was a bitterly cold one even for the tundra with highs in December hovering somewhere south of wanting a good buckshot mouth rinse. So with the options of watching ABC, PBS, or if it was clear out also having the chance to watch CBC or watch my parents get drunk I read. Anything around me. Readers digest at first. Now it's nothing for me to have 1,2,3 books in various levels of being read cover to cover. I guess the point I'm making is two fold. Regardless of how bad you think your parents fucked you up it is your job to deal with that and want to do better, the second is simply that life is beautiful for all the shit that you have to take in and deal with and compartmentalize sometimes all you need is a hammock and a radio to make it better. Point being life is beautiful all the way through instead of dwelling start finding beauty in negative spaces.

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