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Thursday, March 26, 2009

And if my aunt had a dick she'd be my uncle

I hate days like this. I'm really starting to think I very may well have the worst case of seasonal affective disorder to go along with everything else. I'm getting jewed out of my raise, my optional insurance, and god know what else thanks to the economy. So where exactly is my ambition to go back to work for 12 on 2 off you ask? There is absolutely none other then to scrimp and squirrel and save to get the fuck going again in August. Yeah fuck this next Friday I'm hopping on amazon and getting some cramp ons and a new climbing belt. I will really try to do tree service again here so I have a marketable skill thats still fresh on my applications. I'm so tired of having a specialized skill and being a bitch about it because I dont want to do it anymore. Well you know what? Fuck it I'm the best at it it pays good and barring storms I at least get weekends off. So much to say and not enough ambition to say it. I start a side job tommorow where I am getting paid fourteen an hour doing guess what? Tree service. The moneys good the hours aren't too shabby and give me ten years i swear to god I will have figured out how to finance a truck, chipper, stump grinder, and a lift. Thats it I'm fucking just going balls out with this. This is my most realistic option at getting to where I want to be so its time to quit being a pussy quit talking about it and just do it. This will be my big fuck you to everyone that tells me that "your so smart why are you wasting it." Time and money time and money baby.

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