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Sunday, June 7, 2009

I've started this post a million times for a week straight and yet every time it doesn't come out right and I just get flustered and close it. Its weird finally having everything going right. I love my jobs, I love working all the time even if it means trying to go from four thirty in the morning till nine or ten at night. It gives me focus and a burning passion to want to do better even if it has killed the little bit of social life I had down here. The biggest problem I have now is I don't really have a passion or a hobby. Living in shit hole one north for two more months means not worth the hassle of getting a dog nor the free time to even properly care for it. Going a whole year without having a dog as a companion is killing me. There is something about unwavering loyalty and pure excitement every time you walk in the door of them acting they weren't sure if you were coming back that I need in my life.

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