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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Jason? It's satan.. We've been expecting you

Jason this is lucifer we’ve been expecting you here is your upper management position

Isn't it weird when you wake up one day and your actually content and realize that your finally getting your shit together and starting to figure out how the world works? I may be broke as shit at the moment but that is a minor glitch in the plan I've come to realize that my intelligence and awesome word smithing skills are lost on a lot of you so i will try and water this down as much as possible. You cannot absolutely cannot sit around bitching about your life and then not go and do anything about it and start playing the coulda woulda shoulda whoa is me bullshit if your not actively trying to start the journey where you want to go. You think it was easy for me to pack a hobo ass garbage bag and move away? No not at all. Think it was easy leaving Deacon? no, not at all. You know why i did it anyways? Because when it came down to it you gotta quit running your man pleaser and step up to the plate when its time to sack up. I'm literally keeping track of all of you people back home home who are doing this exact whiney ass shit. If you question for a second if im talking to you than yes you are one the countless douches that im bitching about. Instead of whining all the time why don't you play in traffic? blow a curling iron? Whatever most of you people back there can't drag your fucking neanderthal knuckles high up enough to reach the key board so my point is kind of lost on half of you tard pups anyways.

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