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Thursday, December 18, 2008

yeah uh huh and for sure

Now for starters let me tell you that anybody that burns nag champa is a dirty fucking hippie primed for redicule and torture. Did you ever smell something that your brain instantly converted to a memory that you didn't even realize you had? Thats what that dirty fucking smell did to me earlier. A couple years ago i had what was almost a dream job if the boss wasn't a nitrous huffing retard that is. Raise your hand if you can say that you worked at a porn/pipe shop and got paid relatively decent and what you didn't you made up for by taking "damage" goods? Yeah as much as i hate(d) the boss and the shitty same loop of shitty techno music that that half a fag was playing was made all worth while by the fact that i had the best job possible. If that business was run by somebody that was an inept social retard i would've died as manager i swear to god. Under the right circumstances working at a porn/pipe shop is a big limp dick staring you in the face, you just can't beat it.

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