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Thursday, December 18, 2008


Sometimes i still have no idea who the fuck i am. I only have maybe four people i can actually call friends and the rest are people who i tolerate which reminds of lyrics from the fucking piano man "Yes, theyre sharing a drink they call loneliness But its better than drinkin alone". I dont know who the fuck i am or what i want from life other than to give my son a good life and ride his ass like my dad did mine to do good in life so your not stuck sucking in natural gas fumes off the pipe line like he did or to suck in all the wonderful chemicals in tarpaper and roofing like yours truly. I gotta go to work now because at least there i dont have to think of this shit and all i gotta do is move quick and be strong. (Word of advice the next person that even remotely annoys me is probably going to get knocked the fuck out im sore,sunburned,confused, and butthurt, and if i get paid today ill be drunk very drunk on top of this so that is all. Fuck it im out.

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